Friday, 6 May 2011

Hack days rock

I'd just like to say..

We had a hack day recently and the coolest thing has come out of it. It won't make us any money so it would never have been developed if not for a hack day but it's one of the most useful tools for finding people in our ever expanding office.

So, all the devs have macbooks (thanks Forward!). We roam around the office, moving rooms, desks, sitting in comfy chairs or on beanbags in multiple rooms around the office - It's great, but people have a hard time finding you.

Some of the devs came up with an awesome idea - Tail the logs on our router, find all the logins and logouts for each access point throughout the office, take down all the locations of the access points. Now we have a nice page that tells you what area of the office each person was last seen in! You can also get email notification when someone who hasn't been seen in a while logs in to the network.

Anyway.. Thought I'd share that, because it's awesome.

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